Victory Outreach has been helping rebuild and restore the lives of families and individuals caught up in the vicious circle of crime, gang and drug and alcohol addictions internationally for over forty four years and in the UK for over 20 years. Victory Outreach is committed to providing a safe and supportive service to affected families by offering a variety of services comprising of recovery programmes for drug and alcohol addicts, parenting  and family/relationship workshops and training on financial management.

As well as the afore mentioned, Victory Outreach also run a host of other educational courses/activities geared towards the betterment and progress of the whole family and the individual.

Our aim is to inspire the whole family or individual to work towards a better future for themselves and those around them.

The philosophy of Victory Outreach is the development of character and positive work ethics. We promote personal integrity, responsibility and accountability, while envisioning our residents with a sense of self worth, purpose and destiny.


This is a Christian faith based project providing supported housing to individuals in the United Kingdom who have suffered through life controlling circumstances such as substance misuse, involvement in crime, violence and other anti social behaviour. We offer a structured planned package which includes life skills training, support planning, work projects inspirational teachings and recreational activities. The objective is to encourage and assist our residents toward achieving the goal of independent living.


This phase assists the resident in progressing towards finding stable ongoing employment, further education and restoration of the family unit. Once the service user becomes independent they continue to receive ongoing support beyond their residency.